Horizon Air Pilot Development Program

You can receive up to $12,500 in flight training stipends once you have earned your Instrument and CPL. After building your flight time at Snohomish Flying Service and reaching ATP or R-ATP minimums, you will be welcomed to Horizon.

Complete the online application ahead of the event at https://careers.alaskaair.com/career-opportunities/pilots/pdp/ to be eligible for an interview with Horizon at this event. You must have your PPL, driver's license, and a US Passport to apply. Be sure to include on your application that you are flying here at Snohomish Flying Service.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, please see any team member at Snohomish Flying Service.

About Us

Incorporated in 1950, SNOHOMISH FLYING SERVICE (SFS) is located on Harvey Field in the pristine Snohomish River Valley of Washington State; just 20 miles north of Seattle. SFS offers a full range of Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services including Flight Training, Air Charter, Scenic Flights, and Air Tours.  SFS is a proven industry leader in Career Professional Pilot Training, offering FAA Approved Fixed Wing Flight Training Programs from the initial Private Pilot Certificate to the Career Professional Pilot.  FAA designated written testing facilities and FAA medical and pilot Examiner Services are located on Harvey Field.  The SFS maintenance division offers major and minor aircraft maintenance and repair services, with line operations providing aircraft detailing and fuel truck service from 9-5 daily and a 24/7 convenient Jet A and 100LL aviation fuel dispensing self-serve system.